Ben Huh
CEO of Cheezburger, Co-Founder of Circa
Ho Nam
General Partner, Altos Ventures
William H. Draper, III General Partner, Draper Richards L.P
Jorn Lyssegen CEO/Founder, Meltwater Group
Eric J. Kim
Managing Partner, Goodwater Capital
Jay Eum
Co-Founder, Managing Director, TransLink Capital
James Jung
Founder and CEO, beSUCCESS
Jai Choi 
Managing Partner, Tekton Ventures
John Nahm  Managing Director, Strong Ventures
Phil Yoon
General Partner, Big Basin Capital
Sonny Vu
CEO, Misfit Wearables
Doug Lee
CEO, D3 Jubilee
Jungwook Lim Managing Director, Startup Alliance
Thiru Arunachalam Founder and CEO, Peel
Changseong Ho CEO, The Ventures
Mike Kim
Business Development, LinkedIn
Troy Malone
GM Asia Pacific, Evernote
Kevin Hale
Partner, Y Combinator
Peter Szulczewski
Co-Founder and CEO, Wish
James A. Moore
Founder and Managing Partner, J.Moore Partners
Christine Tsai
Managing Partner, 500 Startups
Anthony P. Lee
General Partner, Altos Ventures
Richard Jun
Co-Founder and Managing Director, BAM Ventures
Kevin Scott
Managing Director, SVB Capital
Matt Kaufman
President, CrunchBase
Tim Chang
Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
Kevin Lin
Co-Founder and COO, Twitch
Dan Chen
Managing Director, Siemer & Associates
Eurie Kim
Principal, Forerunner Ventures
Osuke Honda
Partner, DCM
Nathan Millard
Global Director, beSUCCESS
Dino Ha
CEO of Memebox
Maria Alegre
Co-Founder and CEO of Charboost